What's New in Crimson Editor

Version 3.70 Release (Sep. 22, 2004) - unicode encoding, splitter window
   - bug fixed: DEL key deletes directory item when project item is selected.
   - bug fixed: ftp file transfer error when the file size is multiple of 512 bytes.
   - bug fixed: search & replace the beginning of line crashes Crimson Editor.
   - bug fixed: find with 'Match whole word' considers a '_' as not part of a word.
   - bug fixed: comment color when typing the word 'remove' in ASP document.
   - bug fixed: screen resolution problem using dual monitor.
   - bug fixed: backup file creation failed in UNC path.
   - bug fixed: abnormal caret movement after print preview.
   - bug fixed: search next selected text in column mode.
   - bug fixed: open last working remote file without saving password.
   - bug fixed: CWD now follows 'File Open' dialog.
   - bug fixed: problem typing Se-Bul-Sik Korean characters.
   - bug fixed: loses project workspace when user cancel program termination.
   - bug fixed: sharing violation when try to open a file already in use.
   - bug fixed: abnormal command line execution 'C:\some path>cedt \autoexec.bat'.
   - Drag and Drop text editing.
   - Reduced memory footprint. (50%) - but still uses lots of memory
   - Supports Unicode and UTF-8 encoding.
   - Increased maximum number of characters in a single line. (4096->32768)
   - Splitter Window, New Window.
   - Drive list in directory window refreshes on drop down.
   - Saves project workspace whenever there is a change in project tree.
   - Saves folding status of project categories.
   - [Shell Execute] right click menu for files listed in a project.
   - Project category names are editable now.
   - User Tool path and argument recognize shell variables. (variable expansion)
   - Predefined column mode font when screen font is not a fixed size font.
   - Saves workspace windows placement.
   - Follows symbolic links in Open Remote dialog.
   - Increased the number of ftp server accounts. (10->16)
   - Added [Replace All] in 'Replace This Occurrence' box. (Yes/No/All/Once/Stop)
   - F3, Shift+F3 skips current search occurrence during Search and Replace.
   - Search wraps at end of file. (optional)
   - Cedt-type document icon changed.
   - Third quotation mark definition in language specification.
   - Accurate variable detection logic. ("$VARIABLEENCLOSEDBY={}")
   - Variable highlight in constant string. (in PHP, Perl, Shell, ...)
   - Added short-cuts in all popup menu items.
   - Hot keys changed. - Scroll Screen Center (F5), Top (Shift+F5)
   - Hot keys changed. - Close Window (Ctrl+W), Select Word (Ctrl+D)
   - Hot keys changed. - Lower Case (Ctrl+L), Invert Case (Ctrl+Shift+L)
   - New hot keys. - Next Pane (F6), Prev Pane (Shift+F6)

Version 3.60 Release (Feb. 09, 2004) - project management
   - bug fixed: error in upgrading shell extension dll during installation
   - bug fixed: crash when print preview without a printer
   - bug fixed: wrong line numbers on the printout
   - bug fixed: weird operation with escape character + TAB character
   - bug fixed: save hidden, system files with empty contents
   - support project management
   - second instance does not reload last working files
   - last working files include remote files
   - scroll screen to position caret to top or center (F5, F6)
   - reserves caret position when reload a file
   - save user defined color schemes
   - save & load different sets of User Tools
   - handles European accented characters
   - enhanced safety and strict error checking on FTP work
   - faster screen drawing dealing with big text files
   - Home key goes to first position (optional)
   - backup remote files in local disk drive
   - checks existence of user tool executables
   - input box for output window to send user inputs
   - remembers search directory in Find in Files and Open Project

Version 3.51 Release (Jun. 11, 2003) - bug fix update
   - bug fixed: 'Save As Remote' dialog box
   - bug fixed: 'Allow multiple instances' option in preferences dialog box

Version 3.50 Release (Jun. 03, 2003) - column mode editing
   - bug fixed: 'Add Crimson Editor to right mouse button of Window Explorer'
   - bug fixed: document switching Ctrl+PgUp & Ctrl+PgDn
   - column mode editing (mode change: Alt+C)
   - FTP transfer progress can be canceled by user
   - multiple file types in 'Find in Files'
   - use spaces in place of tab option in Preferences
   - upgraded help topics
   - search functions can be used in macro recording
   - enhanced caret movement hot keys (Alt+Home, Alt+End)

Version 3.45 R2 (Aug. 26, 2002) - upgraded search & replace
   - bug fixed: file modification indicator when undo or redo is executed
   - bug fixed: 'Save All' saves only changed files
   - bug fixed: save before exit for remote files
   - bug fixed: bug related to read only files
   - bug fixed: macro recording (selection, convert case)
   - bug fixed: tabs to spaces, spaces to tabs
   - regular expression in search & replace
   - look in sub-folders in 'Find in Files'
   - replace in all open files
   - select text with shift+click
   - reload last working files on startup
   - remember last explored directory
   - syntax highlighting types
   - different color assignment in active line
   - highlight pairs when caret is in right of the bracket
   - range highlight (in ASP, PHP, JSP files)
   - manage file type association
   - enriched English dictionary (around 100000 words included)
   - date functions in calculator
   - file operations in directory window
   - sync directory window to the current file
   - using NSIS install shield (by courtesy of Nullsoft)

Version 3.40 (Dec. 25, 2001) - enhanced features
   - bug fixed: variable highlighting problem in PHP, Perl, Bash
   - bug fixed: printing spaces (space width mismatch)
   - delete word (Ctrl+Del), delete prev word (Ctrl+Back)
   - delete to end of line (Ctrl+Shift+Del)
   - capture output (send input to running process + kill current running process)
   - color selection dialog box changed
   - copy current line when nothing is selected
   - color information is saved in different file from the configuration file
   - backup files (with options)
   - right mouse button in Window Explorer (complete implementation)
   - built-in calculator (Evaluate Line)

Version 3.32 (Oct. 31, 2001) - emergent patch
   - bug fixed: critical problem related to Windows resource
   - option to convert tabs to spaces before saving
   - option to remove trailing white spaces before saving
   - option to show tab characters & line break
   - highlight variables that begin with special characters (bash, perl, php)
   - highlight hexa-decimal numbers begin with special character
   - it may support Japanese IME (I believe)

Version 3.31 (Oct. 25, 2001) - a lot of changes
   - bug fixed: Alt+Tab while composing double byte
   - bug fixed: unordinary 'File not File' message box
   - bug fixed: delete at the end of line while 'Word Wrap' turned on
   - bug fixed: dos command line parameter including '.' and '..'
   - support overwrite mode
   - hot key assignment for 'User Tools' and 'Macros'
   - 'Close on exit' option in 'User Tools' (launch.exe)
   - support WinHelp (.hlp) and HtmlHelp (.chm) files in 'User Tools'
   - 'Output Window' and 'Find in Files' (Ctrl+Shift+F)
   - custom FTP client ('Save password' option, support more FTP servers)
   - 'Open Template' (Alt+O)
   - 'Directory Window' menu and toolbar
   - and a lot of small changes...

Version 3.25 (Aug. 30, 2001) - bug fixed and small changes
   - divide by zero bug fixed (more strict user configuration file check)
   - reload on remote file bug fixed
   - complex syntax highlighting (check keyword effect range)
   - dos command to run Crimson Editor "cedt.exe *.c"
   - command line option "cedt.exe /L:33 test.h"
   - half page scrolling shortcut (Alt+Page Up, Alt+Page Down)
   - move caret to paragraph begin or paragraph end shortcut (Alt+Home, Alt+End)
   - 'Add Crimson Editor to right mouse button' option
   - 'Print syntax highlight' option
   - 'Create new document on startup' option
   - 'Save remote files in Unix format' option

Version 3.21 (Jun. 26, 2001) - emergent patch
   - upgrade bug fixed

Version 3.20 (Jun. 25, 2001) - lots of small changes
   - home-made GetLongPathName() function
   - editable file types (Tools > Preferences > Files > Filters)
   - default language specification
   - local help pages are included in distribution zip file
   - recovery from corrupt configuration file (cedt.cfg)
   - encoded FTP password in Open Remote
   - use long file name in User Tools (JAVA source compile)
   - second line comment delimiter can be specified for each programming language
   - effective range for keywords can be limited (HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP)

Version 3.10 (May. 7, 2001) - appended missing functions
   - 'Working Directory' in Tools > Preference > Files
   - 'Save files in Unix format' option in Tools > Preference > Files
   - new edit commands (Edit > Change Case)
   - new search commands (Search > Advanced)
   - new toolbar buttons (Open Remote, Directory Window)
   - menu items in Tools menu and Macros menu are rearranged
   - menu items in Window menu changed (Last Visited, Next Window, Prev Window)

Version 3.02 (Apr. 26, 2001) - fixed some bugs
   - line number bug fixed.
   - use lesser window resources. (became faster than before)

Version 3.00 (Apr. 20, 2001) - major update, all subroutines were checked and revised
   - 'Directory Window' attached to the left side of Mainframe
   - added 'Open Remote' function
   - added 'Pairs Matching' feature
   - 'Copy & Paste' bug fixed
   - updated user interface

Version 2.30 (Aug. 5, 1999) - improved user interface
   - do not use DDE to initialize (faster start up)
   - wheel mouse support.
   - 'Whole Word Only' option in Find & Replace
   - added context menu on file selection tab
   - reserve caret position scrolling up & down.
   - revised text selection routine

Version 2.21 (Jul. 12, 1999) - fixed several bugs, and added some features
   - 'Save As' bug fixed
   - added new menu item in Help menu

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